Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sealer Upgrade

Recently we made the switch from Seal N Lock paver sealer.  We are now exclusively using Ure-Seal H20 manufactured by Innovative Concrete Technologies in Lakeland, FL.  After extensive research and a few experiments we found that the Ure-Seal outperformed Seal N Lock in dramatic fashion.   Ure-Seal offers a similar formula to our previous sealer and maintains some of the best attributes we loved about Seal N Lock.  Those include being able to complete the process in one day, a two part component, high solids and environmentally friendly.  Ure-Seal H20 takes it a step further however with a stronger formula and high solid content.  It also is available in a more semi-gloss sheen that we couldn't achieve with our previous sealer.  Locally made in our home state means we are buying local as well!

This will come as great news to all our past and future customers who count on us to constantly stay on top of this very fast changing industry.  Things change, technologies advance and we promise to stay current on all the latest advancements as they come.

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