Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Water based sealer gossip

Too many times I hear a customer tell me Water Based Sealers aren't any good.  This, of course, is because someone they know or even a professional told them so.  Nothing gets me more worked up then that discussion.  Usually, I'm then pushing a rock up hill and sometimes it would have probably been a better use of my time to just walk away, but I can't!

Not much in this world hasn't advanced over time (except humans, different topic).  Sealers definitely have done so in the past 5 or so years.  The creation of high solid, breathable, 2 part Water Based Sealers have simply put solvent based sealers out of business as far as brick pavers go (at least they should!!!).  Their stronger, more UV resistant, acid resistant, safer for the environment, don't blotch, not slippery, wears evenly and guaranteed not to "ghost" or "blush" (turn white) and can be re applied without stripping.

80% of our stripping jobs are solvent based sealers.  They almost always fade unevenly, turn completely white or at the very least become very hazy looking.  Too often, I have encountered many customers who have had injuries as a result of slippery, solvent based sealing applications on their pavers.  This doesn't have to happen.  There just isn't a reason to use them anymore.  PERIOD.  I cringe when I visit landscape suppliers, chemical and paint distributors and see people being sold solvent based sealers.  Worst yet, the "professionals" purchasing them haven't even taken the time to educate themselves on what they are buying.  That's a topic for another post for another day.

In summary, Water Based Sealers, like the kind we use (2 part, high solids, breathable) will be more durable, have zero side effects and safer for the environment.  Properly applied to a properly prepped paver, they will look more attractive then their counterpart and give you a consistent, safe finish that you will be proud of.

John Carlson
Paver Saver

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